Mrs. Lopez

Greetings Bobcat families, my name is Theresa Lopez. I was raised in the high desert and went to school in our district. I have three grown children and seven grandchildren, four of which live locally and attend school in the Silver Valley District. My husband retired from the military which allowed us to travel to many different places and learn about many cultures. 

I have been in this district for 15 years and began at Newberry Elementary as a volunteer and then noon duty aide. I have had other positions that lead my heart to teach special needs at Lewis Elementary School out at Fort Irwin and now speech and language here at this awesome school. I love taking road trips with my family and bird watching. I have dogs and cats and at one time we had a Russian tortoise and 3 desert tortoises (all rescues). I am a firm believer that people never stop learning and that with persistence and patience anything is possible. 

Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions or concerns. My email is [email protected]