Grade 2

Ms. Hilarides

My name is Kaitlyn Hilarides, and I grew up in the beautiful community of Newberry Springs. It was my long term goal to return  home to teach elementary students in the Silver Valley Unified School District, and this dream became a reality for me this year when I accepted the second grade teaching position at Newberry Springs Elementary School. Newberry has made me feel welcome, and I have loved giving back to the community that taught me so much growing up. 

I have also enjoyed being close to my family who lives in Newberry. My dad and older brother tag team providing services through Hilarides Welding and Repair; My mom is heavily involved in the lives of community members and serves in the local community church. My younger brother is still in high school, works as a handyman and rides dirtbikes in his free time; my sisters are both living away from home attending college and working toward their own goals as an engineer and interior decorator. Living life with them is always exciting! 

My goals for the students in my classroom are as follows: to love learning, to respect each other and themselves, and to learn responsibility. My students are encouraged to ask questions, explore new ideas, and own their mistakes. When all else fails, because sometimes it does, we come back to these things, and we READ, READ, READ. Sometimes teaching is messy. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. However, learning will always happen if we take the time to reflect on the process. 

I’d love to answer any questions you have for me at  [email protected] , or you can say hello in person at Room 3.

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Miss Hilarides